Introducing the Torc Referral Program: Expanding Our Community and Sharing the Rewards


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We're thrilled to announce the relaunch of the Torc Referral Program! Aiming to expand our talented community and empower developers worldwide, the Torc Referral Program offers incredible rewards for connecting us with developers like you.

Why introduce a Referral Program?

Here at Torc, we're committed to help developers thrive and build successful careers. Our platform is designed to connect talented developers with companies searching for top-notch remote professionals. As our community continues to grow and make a global impact, we wanted to create a program that rewards both current and new developers for being a part of the Torc network.

How does the Torc Referral Program work?

It's simple! As a Torc developer, you have the unique opportunity to refer fellow developers and earn substantial rewards. For each referral who signs up and gets placed on an engagement with a Torc customer, you'll receive a $500 referral bonus! The more you refer, the more you earn.

But it's not just about you - the developer you refer will receive a $250 welcome bonus after successfully being placed on an engagement with a Torc customer.

The simple steps to success:

1. Share your unique referral link with your developer friends, colleagues, and network. This referral link can be found on your Torc dashboard.

2. Your referred developers sign up using your unique link, and successfully join the Torc community.

3. Once they are placed on an engagement with a Torc customer, you will receive your $500 referral bonus, and your referred developer will get their $250 welcome bonus after they complete their first two weeks.

4. Keep referring more developers and grow together with Torc – there's no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn!

Please note this is always subject to change in the future.

Can referred developers participate in the Referral Program?

Absolutely! Once a developer signs up using your referral link and becomes part of the Torc community, they can also participate in the Referral Program and start referring other developers. This way, we're building a strong, interconnected network of talented professionals, all while rewarding each member for contributing to our collective growth.

Not just money: The perks of referring

While the financial rewards of our Referral Program are enticing, there's more to it than just cash. By referring talented individuals, you're contributing to creating a rich network of developers who inspire and learn from each other. This opens doors for potential collaborations, partnership opportunities, and knowledge sharing that can elevate everyone's skills and career prospects.

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