Core Principles

Our core principles guide everything we do from our community approach and product offerings to our people and R&D roadmap.

We always favor action (audentes fortuna iuvat).

Get Shit Done. Losing a day is not a delay - it’s a lost opportunity that we can never recapture. #GSD

We have high standards and hold each other accountable.

We hold each other accountable for all things we do including hiring, deliverables, supporting the team culture, bringing a can-do attitude, and collaborating.

We are user-obsessed.

We bring a user perspective (customer and freelancer) to everything we build and do. We will measure success based on the success of our users.

We simplify through technology.

We strive to make things simple through automation and technology. We think critically about whether an initiative or feature will save users time or make their lives easier, whether it can scale, and whether our time would be better spent elsewhere.

We don’t shy away from things because they’re hard.

No is the second best answer and failure is the second best outcome. We flourish helping others and working collaboratively towards a common goal.

We think big.

We will create one million jobs. We will change the lives of gig workers globally and the companies that work with them. In everything we do, we will always ask if we’ve set our aspirations high enough.

We lead with integrity and earn the trust of our customers and community.

We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully. We are vocally self critical, even when doing so is awkward or embarrassing. We earn trust by collaborating openly and avoiding cliques. We do not place blame for mistakes but rather encourage calling them out and focus on recognizing, learning, and adjusting from issues.

We hire and develop better than ourselves.

We aim to replace ourselves out of our jobs so the entire team can continue pushing boundaries and pursuing hard problems.

We commit to building a diverse and inclusive team and community.

We recognize the value and importance of having unique and diverse people, cultures, and perspectives within our organization and our community. We hold each other accountable in building a business that reflects this principle.