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not hours.

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Traditional performance measurement for developers has never really worked.

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Time tracking assumes the only variable affecting productivity is the time you spend at your computer. If only life were this simple!

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Lines of code (LoC) assumes all coding tasks are of equal complexity and that bad code is just as good as great code.

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DORA metrics are valuable but they only measure team productivity, not individual productivity.

That’s why we’ve invested in Codealike.

Torc isn't just a jobs marketplace. Your success on the job and your career advancement also matter.

Codealike is a free tool from Torc that generates personalized insights for every developer to become a better coder and for teams to become more productive. Now you have the ability to manage your performance and improve your productivity with a tool specifically designed for software developers.

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Integrates seamlessly with your IDE
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Collects metadata on your coding behavior
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Generates personalized insights just for you
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Is your data to use how you wish and share with whomever you wish
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Backed by scientific research
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Does not collect or analyze your source code
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Metadata is not shared with anyone without your permission, including your supervisor
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Metadata is never sold to third-parties

Gain visibility.
Enhance productivity.

Codealike provides developers with actionable insights to get in the zone, tackle tech debt, and collaborate more effectively.

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Stay in the zone

Measure how much time you spend In the Zone—the state in which your entire cognitive effort is focused on a particular task. When you’re there, the outside world disappears and you are at peak efficiency, getting things done at work. When in the zone you are most productive.

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Identify tech debt

Too much editing the same file? Maybe it's worth considering updating your documentation. Too much compiling? Maybe it's worth upgrading your machine and moving to the cloud.

Want to impress your boss and fix bottlenecks? Codealike’s technology surfaces areas of tech debt that need tackling.

Map your activities

Codealike doesn’t read your code — your code is yours. Codealike is here to help you become a better developer by analyzing metadata and segmenting your activities: Coding, Debugging, Systems Management, Building Code, Editing, and Reading. This is your real-life quantified self.

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Screenshots of Codealike's comparison feature

Compare and share

Compare your behavior and activities with the most productive developers in the world. Use these insights to become an even more effective developer and share your achievements.

We think the best of the best should be rewarded.

The Torc developer at the top of the Codealike leaderboard each month is awarded $250 in cold hard cash. No strings attached—we just want to recognize the best of the best.

Check out the past winners to learn how they made it to the top.

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Ready to claim your spot at the top?

Start using Codealike to better understand your productivity and join the Torc community to be matched with great jobs.

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