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Women in tech LATAM
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The growing momentum of women in technology has reached an inflection point. Female representation in the industry proves to have a positive effect on corporate success and innovation potential.

Nearshore talent networks increase access to Latin America (LATAM) talent resources and empower women with opportunities to connect with US-based companies that need their skills. LATAM’s burgeoning business sector, proximity to the US, and talented female workforce open a range of remote work possibilities.

Breaking Through Barriers

Across LATAM, women are taking the leadership helm within the technology industry. From founding groundbreaking startups to heading multinational corporations, women are driving the tech boom on their terms. This wave of change is promoting inclusivity and transforming life in Latin America.

In 2023, Torc saw direct evidence of the shift with an 800% jump in its LATAM community. A significant increase in participation from LATAM’s workforce indicates a desire for jobs and the high demand for open talent from US-based companies needing an entry-point for nearshore staffing options.

Women make up a sizable portion of the LATAM tech talent market. According to Draup, Mexico is a prime example. Women constitute a substantial 38.47% of Mexico’s tech labor force, and more than 40% have accumulated 11+ years of industry experience.

Other LATAM countries are also making significant strides in promoting women in technology. Brazil has seen a 12% increase in women working in the tech sector since 2017. In Colombia, women account for more than 30% of the tech workforce.

Welcoming this rich talent pool to the table empowers everyone to benefit. Nearshore talent networks allow businesses to quickly scale engineering teams, software capabilities, cybersecurity expertise, AI tools, and more. 

Building a Brighter Future in Tech

Overcoming systemic biases and antiquated cultural stereotypes are common hurdles women have encountered in the male-dominated technology space. Visible female leaders – on the big stage or right in the backyards of local communities – are not only examples of outstanding achievements, but actively pave the way for the next generation.

Mentoring young girls and women, speaking out about industry challenges, and investing in female-founded ventures, are ways the global community can continue working to create a more inclusive and equitable tech landscape in LATAM and around the world. In the future of work, diverse perspectives and experiences fuel technology innovation that enlightens all corners of society.

Changing the Face of Tech

The impact of women on technology in LATAM and elsewhere directly affects economic development. Women-led businesses are significant engines of job creation and growth that foster opportunities and financial independence. LATAM’s female tech leaders promote fresh approaches to solving complex problems. 

Studies show that team diversity stimulates more novel and creative solutions in any field. Tech fluency and entrepreneurial drive aren't limited by gender or geography. The nearshore staffing model is building a more diverse and equitable tech workforce, creating abundant tech talent and avenues for women to thrive as leaders. 


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