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What is an enterprise JavaScript developer?

JavaScript is a language created by Brendan Eich for use on the web. Along with WebAssembly, it is one of the two primary ways to add advanced functionality to websites. Nowadays, it is used almost everywhere, from servers using Node.js to mobile apps using React Native. According to the Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey, it is the most popular language used by developers, with over 65% of people reporting they had used it.

One of the reasons JavaScript is popular is that it has many features to help reduce the learning curve and make programming easier, such as automatic garbage collection and support for multiple paradigms. Another arguably more significant reason for JavaScript’s popularity is that JavaScript is one of the most universal languages. While JavaScript started as just a language on the web, the presence of cross-platform JavaScript engines like Google’s V8 helped develop an ecosystem around JavaScript, allowing it to power desktop apps, mobile apps, servers, IoT, and even plugins for games like Minecraft.

How to hire JavaScript developers FAQ

JavaScript hiring guide

To find the right JavaScript developer, first, you need to consider what the codebase is using. Knowing JavaScript is very important, but in most cases, you will need more beyond that. For example, if you are using TypeScript, it would be helpful for the developer you are hiring to have knowledge of TypeScript or some amount of experience with type-safe languages.

Additionally, the skills required can differ depending on the targeted platform and the rest of the stack. If you are building a server program, Node.js experience is a large plus, whereas if you are building a front-end web app, knowledge of frameworks like React or Vue might be more helpful.

For each experience level, different levels of development and JavaScript knowledge and skills are expected:

  • An entry-level JavaScript developer might only know how to use JavaScript by itself but still should know how to use most JavaScript syntax well. They will likely need guidance for integrating JavaScript with the rest of the application stack and might not be able to fully utilize more advanced OOP patterns. Additionally, they might need some help with optimization.
  • An intermediate JavaScript developer should have experience with the stack and be able to implement more advanced and abstract algorithms, although the most performance-critical elements should likely be left to senior developers. They should also be able to write clean, adaptable code. Intermediate JavaScript developers should be able to confidently develop larger sections of functionality in your application, such as whole pages or microservices.
  • A senior JavaScript developer should know how to write optimized, abstract algorithms. They should also thoroughly understand almost all of your stack and be able to learn what they do not know. They should also have experience building production applications with an identical or similar stack. Senior developers can guide large projects and influence larger decisions pertaining to the app.

The hiring process for a JavaScript developer position should include several steps to assess the candidate’s technical skills, experience, and fit for the role and the team. Possible steps in the hiring process could include:

  1. Review of the candidate’s application and resume to determine if they meet the basic requirements for the position
  2. Initial phone or video interview to discuss the candidate’s background, experience, and interests and to provide more information about the company and the role
  3. Technical assessment, such as a coding challenge or a technical interview, to evaluate the candidate’s technical skills and knowledge
  4. Face-to-face or video interview with the team and potential manager to discuss the candidate’s experience and fit for the role and the team
  5. Reference checks to verify the candidate’s experience and qualifications
  6. Final decision and offer to the selected candidate

The specific steps in the hiring process may vary depending on the company and the role, but the goal should be to assess the candidate’s technical skills, experience, and fit for the position and the team.

JavaScript job description template

As a JavaScript developer at [COMPANY], you will utilize JavaScript to build [TYPE OF APPLICATION] using [FRAMEWORK/Runtime]. Your responsibilities will include:

  • [If backend] Develop high quality server programs using Node.js. 
  • [If frontend] Work with product and design teams to create new functionality in JavaScript. [Add framework if necessary]
  • Participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to other team members
  • Help identify and troubleshoot technical issues and work with the team to resolve them
  • Continuously improve technical skills and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in JavaScript


  • Strong experience with JavaScript [Add TypeScript if using that]
  • Knowledge of modern software development practices, including agile methodologies and continuous integration
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently and in a team
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with others [If backend]
  • Experience with Node.js or other JavaScript server runtimes such as Deno [If frontend]
  • Experience integrating JavaScript with HTML and/or frameworks like React

JavaScript interview questions

Here are a few interview questions to help assess skill with JavaScript. Note that you should add some for more specific tools used for the job.

Question 1: How would you implement FizzBuzz for numbers 1-100?

This question is one of the most popular programming interview questions. While it is rather basic, it still serves as a test for the interviewee’s ability to translate verbal commands into something a computer can understand. A good solution to this would look something like this:

However, any solution that has the correct output and does not hardcode results should be valid.

Question 2: How do you yield for promises using standard promise syntax? How would you do the same with async/await?

This question covers promises, which is an important element of intermediate JavaScript. The correct solution should look like this:

The first line is for standard syntax, and the rest is for async/await. ExamplePromise could be named something different; it does not matter as that is just the name of the promise.

Question 3: Create a class called “Person” that takes in two parameters, one being name and the other location, and set both of those to properties in the class.

This question tests whether the interviewee has basic knowledge of JavaScript classes. Here is the correct solution:

There should not be a whole lot of variation from the above, although small differences to make things more concise are fine.

Question 4: How do you make the above class’s properties only accessible to that class?

This goes deeper into classes and requires the interviewee to utilize private class fields. This is a correct answer:

Notice that hashtags, which mark the property as private, meaning only the class can read or write to.

Question 5: What is the difference between an Int8Array and an ArrayBuffer?

This question is more advanced, and a correct answer shows deep knowledge of JavaScript data types. Also, this can help test how well the interviewee communicates. The correct answer from a seasoned JavaScript developer would be somewhere along the lines of “an array buffer is a generic data buffer, and an Int8Array is an array view type that allows you to read and manipulate ArrayBuffers assuming they contain 8-bit signed integers.”

Enterprise JavaScriptdeveloper FAQ

What is the two-week guarantee for Torc JavaScript developers?

The best way to evaluate whether a developer is a great match is by working with them. That's why we make it as easy as possible to get started. If a developer isn't working out within the first two weeks of your engagement, we'll work with you to find a better match and won't bill you for the original developer. It's a no-risk way for you to get the help you need even faster.

How does Torc ensure high-quality JavaScript candidates?

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Can Torc use my company's skill assessment to vet JavaScript developers?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

How much do Torc JavaScript developers cost?

Developers in the Torc community set their own rates. The three primary factors that determine the cost of a Remix developer are:

  1. Experience - Everyone would prefer a senior developer but, let's be honest, 10+ years of experience isn't always required. If you consider the work the developer will be doing and the amount of support within your existing team they'll have access to, you might be better served with one or two junior Remix developers over one senior developer.
  2. Skill mix - Marketplaces operate under normal supply and demand dynamics. Developer rates often increase with more niche, complex, or in-demand skill requirements.
  3. Geography - While remote work has flattened the geographic pay disparity to some degree, where your developer lives does factor into their cost. In 2022, the median rate for Torc developers in Latin America was 29% lower than developers in the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe, while the median rates in Eastern Europe and Asia/Oceania were 24% and 40% lower, respectively.

How do I hire remote JavaScript developers?

Torc simplifies the hiring process for you and for developers, and it all starts with letting us know what you're looking for. If you're a new Torc customer, schedule a meeting with our sales team to discuss your needs and get the paperwork squared away. If you're an exiting customer, you can create a new job opportunity directly in the Torc platform.

Once the job is finalized, our AI matching algorithm and team of technical talent specialists will get to work identifying great candidates from the Torc community. You can review their profiles and assessments, interview shortlisted candidates, and hire the perfect developer - all in under a week.

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