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Torc announces launch of next-generation talent marketplace

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Talent Marketplace Torc Announces Public Launch With Backing of Recognize Partners and Asymmetric Capital Partners

Recognize’s Frank D’Souza, Asymmetric’s Rob Biederman and gig economy software expert Michael Morris collaborate to deliver the only platform that puts productivity, security and culture first.

BOSTON – Mar. 1, 2022 – Torc, the talent marketplace for the future of work, today announced its public launch and funding from Recognize and Asymmetric Capital Partners.​ Torc helps businesses succeed by connecting them with software developers based on enterprise demands and developer productivity, positioning Torc to revolutionize the highly skilled talent ecosystem.

“Torc differentiates itself in the talent matching space with its use of AI, security and marketplace dynamics to identify the most talented and productive engineers in the world,” said Frank D’Souza, co-founder of Recognize and Torc Board Chair. “Companies struggle to find, hire and keep technology talent – Torc is helping solve that problem by matching flexible talent with immediate enterprise demand.”

Torc is well positioned for continued growth, as demand for technology talent accelerates and organizations transform workforce staffing models to embrace freelancers. Torc represents the confidence of technology services veteran, co-founder of Recognize, and former Cognizant CEO Frank D’Souza, managing partner of Asymmetric and Catalant Technologies co-founder Rob Biederman, and notable gig economy software development expert and former CEO of Topcoder Michael Morris, co-founder and CEO of Torc.

“Development team efficiency, culture and success become quantifiable, repeatable metrics with Torc’s software,” said Biederman. “With a threefold increase in users in the last two months, Torc has shown the value of its vetted community, intelligent platform and global customer base that will continue to attract software developers to the platform in the coming years.”

“As the only talent marketplace that puts productivity, security and culture first, Torc is the fastest and easiest way for software developers to advance their careers, and for companies to gain unprecedented access to the world’s best technology talent,” said Morris. “Open work models and the underlying talent ecosystems empower both freelancers and enterprises to evolve beyond the confines of traditional employment – and at the center of this transformation is where Torc operates.”

Recognize and Asymmetric Capital Partners invested $5 million in seed capital to launch Torc and quickly scale the business.

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About Torc
Torc, the talent marketplace for the future of work, is the only AI, security and culture first platform measuring and compensating developers specifically on productivity and performance. Fostering an inclusive global technology Community where upskilling and career growth for gig economy talent is paramount, Torc enables companies to quickly find phenomenal talent that collaborate with existing enterprise development teams to improve and speed high-quality software delivery.

Jessica Ann Morris
Public Relations for Torc

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